Since 2005, Micon L.L.C. has helped Europeans with the shipping of classic cars, hybrid cars, electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Through our network, we can assist customers to find the car that they are looking for and provide shipping solutions they can count on.

By working with the most trusted shipping companies,
Micon L.L.C. can arrange door-to-door delivery, transportation of purchased cars to any U.S. port and can arrange to load the car into a container with other vehicles in order to save time and money. The car can be delivered to the port of entry in the designated country or we can provide inland delivery to the customer’s home.

Micon’s goal is to provide each customer with peace of mind by handling all necessary paperwork, customs declaration, cargo tracking and assist with any questions you might have.

*Important Note: Micon L.L.C. is not a car broker or dealer.

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